Tuesday, April 10, 2012

VTPR-Only website

When after some 20 years on the slope in varying styles of flying and building VTPR became my "one thing" after viewing a few videos that totally floored me. At no time in my formative years flying slope nor anytime thereafter had I realized such a flying style even exhisted. So the quest to learn more became my priority that continues to this day evidenced by this blog and the first ever VTPR dedicated website. Understand there are other websites that cover VTPR but nothing solely dedicated to the style. During this continueing process I did a poll on RC Groups in order to allow the slope family at large to post their VTPR designed models of choice, but ultimately to inform me even more as to the history and to develop a running database of the models.

By early 2010 I could see there was much interest and involvement in the poll thread that warranted putting together a website about this originally French style of flying. VTPR was slightly known in the states for 5 or 6 years previous but by no means was it considered a strongly recognized style of flying. The state of VTPR in America is currently still on a growth path as of this writing but we have seen much more interest since 2010. Pierre' Rondel of Planet-Soaring out of France was and is the conduit that first explained the style to Steve Lange of SlopeAerobatics.com and others in the mid 2000's. By the summer of 2011 we put together the Inaugural VTPR fly-in at Temple Hill slope in Southern California that has appeared to have helped launce what we now see all over the web. I dont wish to take any public credit for this growth spurt but I like to think I had something to do with it. VTPR is here to stay and that makes me smile...

All and all our original website has a good variety of VTPR information that compliments this blog with specific model videos and builds that will help modelers become more familiar with the style and its unique way. Stop by and check it out. Feel free to submit your VTPR flying video link and I will be glad to post.

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