Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Future Slope Designs - THE FLOW

Paige Anderson of Future Slope Designs after much R&D experimenting with lightweight aerobatic model planforms has come up with a real winner on his new "THE FLOW". Constructed of  EPP foam it looks like a great multi-task performer for the novice and expert flyer in small and larger fly boxes. We look forward too more unique designs coming from FSD in the future.

Wingspan - 68"
Airfoil - TP42 (modified - lower profile)
AUW - 20.5 oz.
Fuse Width - 34 mm
Tail Feathers - Foam covered in 1.7 mil LF
Wing and Fuse - Foam covered in 5 mil LF
Pull-Pull Elevator - standard (no hybrid)
Servos - HS 65 / Airtronics for the rudder/elevator

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