Saturday, October 12, 2013

French VTPR Videos galore!

As you may know, French style VTPR has been with us going on 30 years. A handful of great pilots and special built gliders from the UK and France have led the way and continue to do so bringing us great videos to watch and learn from. Four names come to mind as leading pilots in the world for which I have great respect for. They are Guillaume Leroyer, Remi Le Besque, Eric Poulain, and the great Francois Cahour, all from France! This style of glider aerobatics and RC Gliding in general owe a great debt of gratitude for paving the way to VTPR. If you are truly wishing to get into VTPR in the French, big model style, I would urge you to seek out all you can find of these gentleman.

Some of the larger 2.5 meter (100") models these gentleman have designed and for which perform the best over 25 years now are the Quartz, Sonic, Excalibur and Limande. The Quartz designed by Mr. Cahour is credited for being the first true 2.5m VTPR model. These are all hand built to exacting specifications and are not available for commercial distribution in large numbers. If a pilot wishes to acquire one of these rare ships he usually has to network and be in contact with the original designers in order to have one to build from scratch. VTPR is a total encompassing experience from parts to the sky and they bring a rich reward!
Below is a link to many VTPR videos from the UK and France via Dailymotion. I hope you enjoy and get excited to begin your own quest to ultimate VTPR Aerobatics. Happy Flying...

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