Saturday, October 12, 2013

French VTPR Videos galore!

As you may know, French style VTPR has been with us going on 30 years. A handful of great pilots and special built gliders from the UK and France have led the way and continue to do so bringing us great videos to watch and learn from. Four names come to mind as leading pilots in the world for which I have great respect for. They are Guillaume Leroyer, Remi Le Besque, Eric Poulain, and the great Francois Cahour, all from France! This style of glider aerobatics and RC Gliding in general owe a great debt of gratitude for paving the way to VTPR. If you are truly wishing to get into VTPR in the French, big model style, I would urge you to seek out all you can find of these gentleman.

Some of the larger 2.5 meter (100") models these gentleman have designed and for which perform the best over 25 years now are the Quartz, Sonic, Excalibur and Limande. The Quartz designed by Mr. Cahour is credited for being the first true 2.5m VTPR model. These are all hand built to exacting specifications and are not available for commercial distribution in large numbers. If a pilot wishes to acquire one of these rare ships he usually has to network and be in contact with the original designers in order to have one to build from scratch. VTPR is a total encompassing experience from parts to the sky and they bring a rich reward!
Below is a link to many VTPR videos from the UK and France via Dailymotion. I hope you enjoy and get excited to begin your own quest to ultimate VTPR Aerobatics. Happy Flying...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Aviator Jack Frye Project

Hey VTPR fans. I know, its been quite some time since we have been active on the VTPR scene, and I apologize for the absence. Some of you have asked, what gives EJ? Believe me I have missed it but sometimes life has its hills and valleys when it comes to hobbies and having fun. I have been busy working on a family aviation project the last few months that have had me traveling around the country visiting sites of interest accumulating content, video and photographs for the JACK FRYE Safari. What is that you might ask. If you are unaware of who Jack Frye is, take a few minutes and visit the Jack Frye Aviation Pioneer blog I own and maintain.

This is another labor of love of mine pertaining to a famous aviation pioneer in the airline industry who happens to be a family relation to me and of which his only child, my second cousin and I are collaborating. Those of you who are power plane modelers will especially enjoy the history and legacy of this airline pioneering personality. You may have heard of the great DC-1, DC-2 and DC-3, Lockheed Constellation and Boeing Stratoliner aircraft? Well, Jack Frye helped conceived these aircraft with Howard Hughes and Donald Douglas.

If you saw the movie The Aviator with Leonardo DiCaprio playing HH, Danny Houston played Jack Frye in that movie. Though incorrectly represented in the movie with many facts about Jack and his incredible role in the founding and running of Trans World Airlines (TWA) for 13 years, my goal along with his daughter is to set the record straight with the idea of ultimately having a new movie and documentary done true to life in a dramatic way. These are actually in the works as we speak. We are endeavoring to get the word out and introduce this forgotten giant of an aviator, business mogul and incredible father to you the aviation public. I hope you enjoy the blog, there is lots and lots to learn about American and global airline aviation due to Jack Frye's huge influence.

See you on the slope... soon

Jack Frye in his favorite office,
The cockpit of the Constellation - 1946

Dualing Excaliburs in Brittany

Video courtesy PLP35
Another great video of Eric Poulain and Remi Le Besque VTPR'ing their trusty Excalibur 2.5's on the sea front of Lestrevet, and Menez-Hom, Brittany, France. These guys remind and ground us who aspire to fly VTPR style aerobatics as the standard of the style. It never ceases to amaze me how easy they make it look with no fear of crashing and always pushing the limit for all of us to enjoy. Fun factor = 10+

Friday, March 1, 2013

A100h skinning is underway

Things are beginning to move along again. So many projects, too little time. A likely excuse right?
The middle skin is offset about 6.5". This to produce an overlap preventing premature wing failure. You never want to have a seam all the way across a wing panel. Could get real ugly when pulling or pushing hard.

One down, three to go.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A100h ready to skin

Here we can see the whole wing joiner system layout on the fuselage.
This view really displays the high aspect ratio. Next is to begin the skinning process of the wing panels.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Air-100h sub-root formers

In setting up the wing panel receiver tubes, I set the cores on the working surface with the top surface down shimmed up .125" on each half at the root. This to allow a slight amont of dihedral eliminating the possibility of anhedral in the wing while in flight. Once everything is lined up equally, the tubes were then tacked in with 5 min epoxy.

Sub-root former placement is now traced onto the cores to allow .250" engagement of the tube end.

Foam is removed, the former temporarily put in place and traced to the airfoil shape top and bottom for final sanding. Excess air space will be filled with foam and final sanded to shape with the former. Formers get lightly epoxied in place.
This view shows the receiver tube dihedral offset.

Friday, December 21, 2012

OXID Planeur au VTPR

Recent video of the OXID performing aerobatics in Totale and VTPR. This is a 2.7m glider looking really good in black & white video tone.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A100h wing joiner parts

Sub-root formers are roughed out. They will be traced to the core airfoil than shaped to fit. They consist of .125" spruce ply and .250" balsa laminent. End of receiver tube has .350" deep interference fit. Next step - tack the receiver tubes into the foam cores with proper dihedral. I'm figuring a 1/2 degree.