Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Club Flying at Menez-Hom

The text basically says "Club Flight from Menez-Hom Slope, Sunday, 1st April, 2018. The video quality is great, the location is epic and the flying is amazing. Click on image to watch the video. Be sure to let it load up.

Original FUN VTPR

 Video courtesy ironman 29

VTPR in its beginning some 35 years ago as far as we know in France, began as a fun day of flying doing tricky games with gliders. It wasn't about precision aerobatic maneuver flying, or flying the highest or the fastest. It was centered around a group of guys letting it all hang out low to the ground performing fun yet dangerous moves to the glider. And it came to be known that a 2.5 meter glider hits the sweet spot for performing this fun and dangerous style while still looking majestic and smooth in the air.

What we have here is a session at Menez-Hom where the guys are competing for fun around a water bottle for prizes. Enjoy this rare glimpse into original French VTPR... EJ

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Flyer Light VTPR

 Video by JUJUB479

If you want to see what low & slow looks like, this is the example for you would be pilots and spectators alike to enjoy. The glider is a 2.5 meter Flyer, a privately designed purpose built VTPR ship. Take special notice at when the pilot deliberately dives and drives the glider back up, the inertia increases very quickly readying it for the next aerobatic figure. This is due to the gliders very clean design (minimal parasitic drag) and efficient wing airfoil. Another element of being able to fly low to the ground for long distances cleanly is the geography and shape of the slope. And the constant and predictable wind volume. This is a perfect flying site and glider for so much fun...

Monday, August 20, 2018

Beach Ballet VTPR

Video courtesy JUJUB479

Here we have an Excalibur 2.5m and a Pentix 2.0m doing some VTPR flying at the beach. Lift is very light though it is smooth and predictable. What a fun afternoon at the beach ballet.