Sunday, October 14, 2012


Uploaded by on Jul 24, 2011

The KOSTEZ is a very large 4m VTPR/Totale glider that is scratch built in France, and designed by Thierry Dubois. This big aerobat is very graceful and agile for its size, and very impressive! The airfoil is the SB96V/VS aerobatic foil that has proven very effective in all glider sizes.

Information on Thierry Dubois Kostez construction can be seen here.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Instant Scoring FREESTYLE

Some modifications to the new VTPR ISC contest. Through some suggestions, they have been inserted in order to have more opportunity for a wider range of flyers, and more fun in the process.

One of the new features which I think will 'add' to the program is a Freestyle round of competition. This is detailed in Part 3. Basically a 3 minute solo round where the pilot may fly figures of choice in one flight. The whole  flight including the transitions shall be judged and scored, and will represent 25% of a pilots total score for the day. The freestyle round should be fun and freely expressive as its title suggests. And it gives the pilot the opportunity to show his or her stuff technically, and creatively.

Other modifications include some new 'figure selections and combinations' that are more user friendly. Stick with us as we continue to refine and simplify it for all.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Air-100h wing former pockets

The wing formers are constructed of balsa and spruce plywood lamanate. The compound curves on the fuselage pose a problem to cutting the pockets in parrallel and square. A router plate was made up and mounted to enable the router to follow and cut the foam uniformly.

The finished cut turned out very well. Next is to glue in the formers while maintaing square and parrallel positions between them.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Instant Scoring Contest on RCGroups

A quick note informing visitors, the new VTPR-ISC contest format is posted on Get involved with the conversation by clicking here.

Air-100h fuselage incidence

Was able to finalize the fuse incidence today. Nose moment from wing LE is 13". I promise the next step of routing out the wing former pockets will be next up.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

VTPR Contest

We have 2 more parts to share about the new Instant Scoring VTPR competition format. Parts already posted is the Introduction, laying out the inspirtion and original idea. Second, some basic Guidelines of the format. Then the interesting part of Figure selections including Criteria and Points. Next after this was material regarding the Video Contest format and its simple guidelines as well. Finally we covered the actual Juging and Scoring, Probably the more important items that sew the whole format together into a fair and balanced and fun day of competing.

Keep checking back to see the V-Cup Challenge round, and a neat little model database that offers ideas on VTPR specific glider styles you might be interested in. Only two more short parts you will enjoy reading and participating in. Click on the dashboard to read all about it.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Air-100h root formers


Had several ideas on how to connect the wings but I decided to make up a pair of ply formers consisting of  two 1/4" thick balsa and one 1/8" thick spruce plywood material. The 1/8" material will be placed inboard opposite of eachother to carry the model load. The extra thickness allows the outboard balsa surface to be sanded down to match the fuselage contour.
Both formers are stuck together with double stick tape and drilled together for the wing rod tube and anti rotation pins. Setting up these datums now will allow a cleaner line up when it comes time to match the wings up to the root.

Next up is tracing and routing out the fuselage former pockets.