Friday, April 6, 2012

GYPHON aerobatic wing

It’s not a VTPR model but she sure is a total blast to fly and that’s what this blog space is all about… FUN!

Originally designed by RON NEAL of Model Dynamics the GRYPHON aerobatic wing has been around since the early 70’s. In 1981 BOB MARTIN of Bob Martin RC Models (Coyote, SR7, Bobcat, Katie II, Mystery Ship, Talon) acquired the design and manufacturing rights. Bob produced the model in limited quantities. Then he designed the SUPER GRYPHON with an unbreakable Duralene fuselage of which he invented the recipe mix and molding process. The SG became pretty successful and is still much desired today. In the meantime the original wooden Gryphon kind of sat on the shelf except for the die-hard wood modelers who kept their prized wing in the rafters and what not. We see a few original kits show up in forums and eBay but for the most part acquiring one of these classic ships is a pretty rare opportunity. Those who have an affinity for the Gryphon know what I’m talking about.

When I saw a Gryphon flying in the capable hands of a good pilot (Ian) I had to have one. This was 1992. But I never pulled the trigger to build one and by this time the kit was dwindling from availability. Fast forward some 20 years later I decided to finally build a Gryphon. I kept watch all over and finally found a short kit with the original wing ribs and cardboard templates. The plane got built and flown with great success thanks to Bob’s invaluable input. I finally got my Gryphon! Bob was so impressed with my craftsmanship quality and attention to detail on my vintage motorcycle restorations and the Gryphon he offered me to be the sole licensee of the Gryphon to re-produce kits! I have been supplying what I call sub-kit packages of the Gryphon under the Old S’CooL Hobbies banner for 2 years now. There are probably 40 sets out there as of this writing.

So I decided to try and make it a little easier for modelers to ultimately get more of these majestic ships in the air again. And I’m now happy to announce the Gryphon has finally been revised into a laser cut version to be announced when released. This should make it more desirable for modelers to own one of these iconic ships without having to completely scratch build like mine. And don’t let the foamy indestructibility attitude hinder you from building and flying this wooden model. It’s a project worth endeavoring. You see I have an alterior motive and it’s not making money selling laser kits because there is very little profit. This is a labor of love. The vision is to have a global Gryphon only aerobatics video contest someday. Now that would be something to write home about. I hope you climb aboard the Gryphon train…

Click here to read about the GRYPHON revival and build thread.

Gryphon Maiden Flight, hq from E J on Vimeo.

Another successful day in slope paradise!


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