Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The VOL-LENT 2.5 walkaround

I couldn't wait any longer to try out my new VOL-LENT 2.5 meter glider. Lift and wind conditions were minimal at best but I was able to get a few minutes time on the ship walking away with a very positive report. In brief you may be shocked to see the flimsy empennage but with maximum durability in mind for the design it proved very stable in flight. No flutter or veering line of flight was witnessed or felt on the sticks. I admit this uncanny approach had me concerned when drawing it up and while assembling but it is actually a really neat deal and it is very durable and lightweight for a crunchy.

Span - 2.5m (100")
OAL - 1372mm (54")
W.L. - 8.5 - 9oz
AUW - 50 - 54oz

I have begun a build thread on RCG should you wish to follow and ask questions. I have lots to share in my discovery of what has transpired on this unique design. Also if interested in building your own VOL-LENT I'm happy to share the build details and templates.

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