Saturday, August 25, 2012

Super-Jig Sport & VTPR flying

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This is a converted Gigolo to a Super-Jig version with a 1.8m wingspan. It has a large rudder, larger full span ailerons, extra elevator throws and a mid wing mount. Nose moment is increased 50mm. I developed this version for the specific purpose to lower the wing loading and lowering its speed range for more maneuverability and response while lower to the ground. The plane flies much smoother and cleaner than the stock faster Gig. VTPR can now be had with this woodie. The conversion thread can be seen here.

Light Le Fish low & slow

Dawson Henderson out of Flagstaff Arizona does it again putting on a "low and slow" show here with his lightweight Le Fish. He literally touches the terrain with control fulfilling a prominent VTPR purpose, and continues onto more fun. The slope site is Coyote Hills. By him choosing to fly a smaller than normal "fly box" he is able to maintain good energy retention and complete some beautiful figures. By what you see here the smaller ships properly set up and flown with care and vision,  the LW models offer another dimension of VTPR that deliver a ton of fun.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crunchy VTPR Rocks!

LQQK at this awesome shot of Le Sonic in total VTPR mode taken recently from a new video I filmed at Glider Point slope for the 2012 Slope Aerobatics contest. With the help of "video capture" techniques the Sonic and its pilot Mike Ball are displayed really doing it to it crunchy VTPR style!

As you are probably already aware we here at VTPR Aerobatics promote the really risky side of Slope VTPR perfectly willing to put our prized Sonic's and other crunchy ships in the danger zone for maximum thrill. We enjoy some of the foamy version models and they have served well training us towards this goal of crunchy VTPR. But the foamies just dont cut all of the mustard when it comes to beautiful, clean and risky VTPR. The payback is virtually no comparison. And thanks go to a handful of French pilots that have inspired myself and Mike to persue this dangerous yet fun style of RC aerobatics. There's no turning back...

See the video... Eric