Friday, July 6, 2018

If I Had a Dream

France is the motherland and beginning of VTPR Glider Aerobatics. And it just so happens that, very fine wine grapes have been a part of the French landscape going back centuries to the Roman Empire. And one particular appellation in France that is probably the center of the fine wine universe is the region of Burgundy. The finest Pino Noir is produced here as in this photo. In one certain vineyard of only 2.5 acres, each grape can be valued as high as $5.00 each - $10,000 a bottle of 2015 vintage!

In addition to motocross bikes and RC gliders, I have an interest in fine wine "tasting" as a hobby sommelier. Not drinking but rather studying the viticulture and science behind just why each vineyard around the globe has distinct tastes and aromas. All of this is very technical but what it comes down to is, enjoyment among special friends. This photo I modified to encapsulate the finest of these two worlds. Burgundy vineyards and the dream of me VTPR'ing my Sonic 2.5m over them. It just doesn't get any better than that, In My Dream...

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

VTPR Youth Movement

 Video courtesy CruchotsTeam

The young teen Cyril N., performing incredibly smooth and clean VTPR figures with very light wind conditions. Location, Bretagne French coast. We need youth in our sport for future growth and excitement, and Cyril is proving to his friends and the world what can be accomplished. He is a Pro before 20! AAA+ Cyril...