Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Early VTPR days

The turning point from general aerobatics to VTPR aerobatics came about when my flying partner and I built the Le Fish. After much persuasion Mike finally got me to buy and build a foamie of which I just didn't want to do having more of a craftsman background. The build went fine, not much of a big deal except foam bits and tape have no similarity to balsa dust and ultracoat! It was an un-crafty build but a good learning experience.

Flying the plane was another story. I was very surprised of its versatility and maneuverability. Durability is good and the plane just feels comfortable on the sticks. I admit it opened me up to new possibilities and this video is one of the early turning points realizing I could be more confident and capable of much more aerobatic fun than before. The plane allowed me to get lower and lower to the ground to where I now know where I am with less anxiety as where prior I would bail out. Its almost like entering a state of chaos but being comfortable with it. I have to admit the Le Fish played an important role in my personal VTPR growth.

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