Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Air-100h update 4/2/12

Sat down today and spent some time going over the fine details of the wing plan considering it's total surface area as relates to wing loading, root and tip chords and attachment to the fuselage. It sits around 1000 sq. in, and based on an assumed 75oz AUW (all up weight) am looking at about 10.5oz WL.

In this large of a span we should be able to control the model quite well in the lower air speed ranges where Vtpr enjoys displaying very impressionable maneuvers. I don't want to get much heavier causing the model to glide too fast when not wanted. Going to go with this spec.

Ailerons are 40" long with 3x2.5" chords, around 25% larger than stock. Wing joining rod assembly is a 14mm CF unit encased in a CF tube that is in total 18" long. Associated sub formers in the fuse and the wing will button up the connection nicely maintaining good wing root stiffness. The last thing we want is a floppy wing in tight maneuvers.

All for now... EJ

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