Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Instant Scoring FREESTYLE

Some modifications to the new VTPR ISC contest. Through some suggestions, they have been inserted in order to have more opportunity for a wider range of flyers, and more fun in the process.

One of the new features which I think will 'add' to the program is a Freestyle round of competition. This is detailed in Part 3. Basically a 3 minute solo round where the pilot may fly figures of choice in one flight. The whole  flight including the transitions shall be judged and scored, and will represent 25% of a pilots total score for the day. The freestyle round should be fun and freely expressive as its title suggests. And it gives the pilot the opportunity to show his or her stuff technically, and creatively.

Other modifications include some new 'figure selections and combinations' that are more user friendly. Stick with us as we continue to refine and simplify it for all.

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