Vol-Lent 2.5m VTPR

In a continuing effort to design and assemble lightweight aerobatic glider models utilizing the prime material mediums of balsa wood and carbon fiber, this model combines a few unique and unorthodox design elements that promise to challenge conventional design thinking.

The goal is threefold with Vol-Lent which in French means “slow flying”.

First – Big and lightweight. The affinity with larger than normal slope modeling is attractive to this scratch modeler for a few reasons. Primarily its an “In your face presence” flying style. We want the model to attain a 8-8.5oz wing loading for floaty aerobatics and VTPR. Low mass inertia and lightweight durability go hand in hand on this design.

Second – Low speed performance in a small frame of sky. We have selected a thinned SB96V/VS airfoil constructed in a two piece double tapered wing assembly with 2 servos. Flaps are not necessary. Extra lightweight wing panels offer excellent roll rate and stiffness necessary for clean and complete acro. Extra large aileron chord lengths offer great low speed efficient agility and correction assist when needed. Very dense wing section compression for easy repair.

Lastly – Economics and a wood builders delight. The model is very inexpensive to build with materials that are easy to find at your local hobby store. Slender box style fuselage, depron tail feathers and carbon fiber tubing for an unbreakable tail boom that has just enough flexibility for impact resistance.


These are some of the design elements and goals of this unique slope aerobatic ship, and as you can probably see by its layout and construction the model glider is more of a “tool of the trade” rather than a beautiful model airplane. Its "purpose built". This follows the true PSP line of thinking we have adopted here at Old S’CooL Hobbies.

We want the glider to be able to perform amazing acro maneuvers very low to the ground in an extreme way at lower than normal air speeds yet be able to withstand the rough and tumble world of VTPR. The prime feature for this durability is the rubber band mount wing assembly. This has proven for decades to be one of the best ways to save the wing and fuselage. This design doesn’t require a super slick and clean wing joint nor does it need to be a solid mount. In fact the exact opposite is desired with the main goal of having the pilot feel free without the anxiety of thinking he is going to crack the plane up. We want him to be at ease during a highly aerobatic flight close to the ground and we think having a flexible wing connection will succeed in this area of pressure to the pilot. It’s a tool, not a beauty contest.

Also we want the pilot to feel limitless in what he can do on the sticks with Vol-Lent. This glider will completely free up the pilot and should he dump it he will be able to easily repair in the field and continue flying. We want the acro experience to be fun, inexpensive and easy to maintain for more fun and inexpensive flying.

Flight video.