Saturday, June 2, 2012

Team Black Sheep USA - Monument Valley

Had to post this incredible FPV (first person view) video of some amazing flying and editing! A fantastic experience of a few minutes of very beautiful landscape and close encounters of the sandstone buttes up to 1000ft above the valley floor of famous Monument Valley in Utah. Team Black Sheep has really outdone themselves with this one. Video editing done by productions.

For those not familiar, first-person view (FPV) flight is a type of remote-control (RC) flying that has grown in popularity in recent years. It involves mounting a small video camera and analog television transmitter on an RC aircraft and flying by means of a live video down-link, commonly displayed on video goggles or a portable LCD screen. When flying FPV, the pilot sees from the aircraft's perspective, and does not even have to look at the model. As a result, FPV aircraft can be flown well beyond visual range, limited only by the range of the remote control and video transmitter. (source wikipedia)

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