Tuesday, September 18, 2012

VTPR 'Instant Scoring Contest' format

I am pleased to announce a new approach to VTPR Aerobatic contests on the slope and online video format. Its (fair), its (objectively simple) and it will promote enjoyment, excellent VTPR flying and camaraderie. Its (unique and fresh) in that your running score is almost instantaneous and made accountable to all who participate, including spectators on the slope and viewers online.

This newly formatted contest is called 'The Slope VTPR Instant Scoring Contest'. A similar criteria will apply to that of Aresti disciplines which have been successful for decades. I say similar as VTPR aerobatics has its own unique artistic culture that allows for certain Aresti imperfections in a pass yet is able to retain a certain artistic flavor. This is very exciting!

I invite pilots out there who really enjoy flying low to the ground and viewers who are becoming interested in this small yet great form of slope flying, to come onboard. If you will periodically check in we will be posting the format series in the 'Pages' section for your convenience. Part 1 of 7 is posted.

Thanks for your attention as this unfolds. New slope VTPR contests at your local slope and new video contests online will benefit with this format if you like to compete in a more relaxed and fair system such as this.

Video preview samples of the online format. Stay tuned for ALL the details.

"You are invited to judge and score these sample videos to what you think they deserve in a contest". I have and it is easy and informative. Give it a try...EJ

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