VTPR ISC Contest - part 4

Online Video Contest,

The same overall format in parts 2 and 3 will be utilized for the most part by recording one's 8 best figures of his or her choice. Some items already tabled have been repeated in this section for clarity. A announcement will be posted on RCGroups.com and this blog detailing the video contest opening and close-off dates. After this time, judges will be chosen and given 72 hours to submit their final results.

1. The scorecard rule in Part 2, line 6, is to be determined before the event begins.

2. One video per entrant is required.

3. The video needs to be well focused with good lighting and be recorded in such a manner so that the judges can clearly see the glider without obstructions. The glider should clearly stand out in the viewing screen, while reviewing the performances, so as to provide clarity for fair and proper judging.

4. The footage containing the figures are to be edited into one continuous string, recording just the entry, the actual figure and the exit. Time constraints and fly-box boundaries are not a strict factor. See sample videos.

Sample contest videos that you can judge and score. Give it a try considering criteria in Part 3.

5. At the beginning of each figure, video clips are to display the figure number, figure name, and maximum points allowed per the published figure selection list in part 3.

6. Any monoplane glider of choice may be flown using any figures of choice in the contest video.

7. Duplicate figures are not allowed.

8. You must be the sole pilot of the plane in the video to be awarded points. Substitute pilots are not allowed.

9. You may use your past unpublished or published video material to choose your best performances according to the parameters and criteria in this format. See part 2, item 8, and part 3. If it is found that any material in the video is not yours, the entrant/s will be disqualitfied.

10. Flight order of figures in the video is open to your editing choice.

11. You may edit video clips in from different flying sessions.

12. Background music is optional but it should not affect score.

13. Video affects are optional but this should not affect the score unless the figure is shown with a distracting or visibly distorted presentation.

14. A slow motion clip may be used after the real-time video clip in the string to help judges clearly see complicated and dangerously close to the ground figures. For instance this will help if the speed of the figure is too great to see a tip or tail drag per say. You may not in full, substitute a real time video clip for a slow motion clip. If you are going to utilize the slow motion effect for a particular figure, both the real time and slow motion clips must be shown back to back in the string in order to receive a proper score. Both proper and improper versions are shown in the videos above for your review. Video ‘1’ shows a SONIC performing a Tail and Tip drag that are properly submitted with real time and slow motion clips. Video ‘2’ shows a Le Fish performing a half roll that is improperly submitted. The reason is it is missing the real time video clip.

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