VTPR ISC Contest - part 5

Judging & Scoring,

In order to ensure fairness and accountability of the judging process, the following guidelines are in place for a live contest. The Online Video Contest version (OVC) shall incorporate the same guidelines as a live contest where applicable.
  1. A team of 3 judges will be selected or voted for to judge and score each figure.
  2. In the video contest, judges will post their scorecards or App screenshots judge by judge on RCGroups.com and the associated post on this website. Here you can view the scores of all the participants.
  3. If the primary judges choose to participate in the contest, a 'standby judge' will be selected to judge for that round. Only one judge at a time can rotate.
  4. A 'referee' for the slope venue and video contests shall be voted for by all present. This is to ensure that a smooth and compliant contest is conducted.
  5. The referee conducting the contest shall have the final say.
  6. Scorecard choice in Part 2, line 6, is to be determined before the event begins. See samples below.
  7. Grading Judges shall review and score each figure flown, according to the defined criteria in Part 3. The collective scores of all 3 judges scorecards shall determine the contestants standings.
  8. All scoring is done in 'real time' one figure at a time per entrant. See Part 2, item 17, for options.
  9. A numerical score weighted 5 thru 10 will be awarded for each figure as assigned in criteria in Part 3.
  10. It is the responsibility of the entrants and/or spotters to keep track of the flight order at a live contest. If you miss your turn flying a figure during a round, you will score a zero for that figure. If you abort a figure during a round, you will score a zero for that figure. If you fly the incorrect figure you will score a zero for that figure. Video contest will not require a strict flight order.
  11. When using the 4 Category Winner scorecard, points are awarded individually for Proximity, Risk Factor and Execution respectively. This means there will be three category winners for the day and one overall winner for the day. See scorecards below.

Judging criteria for Freestyle round only:

1.   3 regular judges and 1 standby judge are required.

2.   The judges are looking for:

·         Artistic and Originality qualities
·         Clean and Purposeful execution
·         Lowness to the ground
·         Timing and Fluidity of the flight
3. Total possible freestyle points are calculated based on 25% of the possible point’s total of prior regular rounds combined. Example: Possible 132 regular round points = 33 freestyle points.

4.  Deductions are based upon the diminishing level of the above criteria.


These sample scorecards are shown to help view how scores are transcribed per each figure. The fictitious scores are totalled at the bottom.

Overall Winner Scorecard:

4 Category Winner Scorecard:


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