VTPR ISC Contest - part 6

V-Cup Challenge Trophy Round,

We are excited to have established a format that will crown the first VTPR Aerobatic Cup Champion. The V-Cup is a large perpetual trophy awarded to the winner to keep in his or her possession until the next annual challenge event occurs. Each cup winners name and the year won will be permanently engraved onto the Cup for posterity, recognizing the acheivement of good sportsmanship and excellence in VTPR Aerobatic flying. Gear up and get yourself and planes ready for the First Annual V-Cup Challenge. The winner could be you...

1.  Assuming the 'Overall Scorecard' rule was flown during the regular rounds, the top three in points qualify for the V-Cup round.

2.  Assuming the '4 Category Scorecard' rule was flown during the regular rounds, all four category winners qualify for the V-Cup round.

3.  The Challenge rounds will be flown after a 15 minute break following the regular rounds.

4.  The Challenge round may be flown on a different day than the regular round due to time factor.

5.  The 'Overall Winner' scorecard rule applies in the V-Cup Challenge rounds.

6.  Qualifiers select 3 figures of their choice for the Cup rounds.

7.  Who goes first? The lowest number picked out of a hat. Then as larger numbers are picked.

8.  Same criteria, judging and scoring guidelines in Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 apply.

9.  Ties are broken by a fly-off of a selected figure of choice by the final two entrants until a clear winner.

10.  Highest total points after all rounds wins the perpetual V-Cup Trophy.

Facsimile of the V-Cup standing 24" tall

Currently the V-Cup Challenge event is primarily designed to follow a live contest at a slope to be determined and located in the Southwest of the United States. A video version of the Cup event may be possible at a later point in time.

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