Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All time VTPR video!

This video is considered the all time standard bearer in French VTPR aerobatics. Contained in this post is a time line of notable sequences worth observing closely. There is a lot to learn watching RĂ©mi Lebesque and Eric Poulain in this 6 year old masterpiece of low glider aerobatics. Enjoy the flight!

0:00  signature French roll on launch - EP
2:30  radical low left roll
3:13  graceful left deck flip
3:33  low deck rolls fast and slow
4:29  low left flip to inverted low pass
4:45  continuous low right rolls going left
5:05  touch & go into low left flip off deck
5:19  another touch & go to right hand flip off deck
5:56  falling knife edge going left into an outside right turn
6:44  low pass into multiple flip rolls
7:01  low outside right turn and more great low passes
7:45  low left pass into multiple hovering flip rolls
9:15  multiple hover rolls
9:40  knife edge going right
10:10  another French roll on launch - Remi
10:46  slow left pass into slow off-camber floating rolls
12:00  low deck rolls
12:38  overland low pass into deck rolls up front
13:13  low left inverted pass into a right flip roll
13:20  beautiful low pass into an off-camber floating left roll
13:30  and my favorite, inverted overland slow pass into the wind to a flip roll out front, all overland!

Fin -

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