Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sonic VTPR practice session #1

Some new VTPR action with two very rare SONIC 2.5m models last weekend. Weather finally turned around this new SoCal season to greet us with the first real aerobatic outing on these majestic ships. I found the Sonic to be very friendly and just a joy to fly in full confidence. Stay tuned for more outings Sonic style.

Pilot review:
This model is an evolution of the famous Quartz of Fran├žois Cahour. The design of the airframe is more modern and presents a lesser trail. Sonic has existed since 1997 and revolutionized the world of stunt flying in the same capacity as Excalibur in thefts VTPR. In effect, it allows a definite and academical piloting for those who want it but he also excels when it is a question of producing completely removed and deranged faces. David has said himself, "The plane was not an idea but an evolution". Since they found nothing valid in epoch in trade and that the style of "Breton" theft was really a bit special, the idea was simply to have a glider adapted in the lead and in all craziness which they could imagine!

Sonic is considered to be the glider of stunt flying par excellence. Its qualities of theft and its low weight allow it to be agile in all weather conditions. It enters extreme performance in no time after launch and enters very well in strong weather conditions. This model will enrapture all keen pilots of modern stunt flying or not.

By permission, Michel Leroyer, Guillaume Leroyer, 2010

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