Wednesday, July 11, 2012

3.5m Foam AIR-100

A great video of Ludo's large 3.5m Air-100 in EPP being flown in Brest France. Here are some of his notes to me recently about the fabrication. This model looks like a lot of fun with its gentle and majestic flight characteristics making it perfect for low & slow VTPR. The roll rate is very good and is able to fly in a very small box. Very durable making a nice recipe for ultimate fun in a BIG way.

Caractéristiques :

envergure : 350 cm (environ)
longueur : 180 cm
profils : SB 98 VR/VS
masse : 3500g

Each wing half is 183 cm long (2 times the length of the loaves of EPP at GTI) and two 8mm carbon tube spars of D4 in to reinforce the intrados and the extrados. The trailing edge is cut so that its thickness is 3mm => just stick to it a flat carbon 3x1mm to stiffen the BDF and the fin. The whole is coated with liquid adhesive neoprene tape and taped to armed (roll width 400 mm: as you say he should not be missed when installing the tape ...)

The fuselage is also full EPP / carbon => 20kg/m3 density well enough given the present volume. The general form is made ​​with hot wire and then rounding are made with a cutter and coarse sanding block. Finally, a key wing carbon rod of 12 mm can be mounted quickly and easily all (not even the wings restraint, nipples centering at the trailing edge returning to strength ...


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