Monday, July 23, 2012

LEROYER Flys Again!

Giullaume (William) Leroyer is one of the worlds top Voltige Totale and VTPR pilots. There are other videos of his masterful flying on this blog. I have had the priveledge of knowing him and his dad Michel through email while building my personal SONIC 2.5 glider. And I have grown to have great admiration for their flying and modeling skills but also their kind hearts and willingness to freely help me and others in modeling.
This is a brand new video Michel took of his son while on vacation in June flying some classic French VTPR on the coast of northern France after a 2 year layoff from flying anything RC. Here are his comments:

"After 2 years expatriated in CANADA for work, I've never touch a RC gliders, For my first return in town I was really excited to fly again with my old Sonic 2.50m, just to know if I lose my level in VTPR, Finally, with my father, we were near to the Menez-Hom in Bretagne and the weather was perfect for the spot called "Le chateau d'eau." All the feelings were there... RC gliders is like bicycle, you can't forget it... Sorry for the bad quality of the movie, I'm going to do my best in two years..."

As you can see this is some fantastic stuff in the higher air speed realms which Guillaume loves so much and he didnt miss a beat! We often talk about "slow and low" VTPR which we also see beautifully done by other great French pilots on the Menez-Hom slope. Guillaumes style is a little bit different utilizing the full speed range of his trusty blue-flame SONIC. He has admitted to me that he loves the faster elements of VTPR as it is more dangerous and allows more precise flight paths low to the ground with a composite model. Another way he puts it - "I like speed, I like to fly on the edge and touch the grass and to do that faster as possible because it will improve the challenges and reflexes..." To him and this author this style of VTPR is the ultimate in thrill, danger and satisfaction.


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